Baby B is on the blog! {Westchase family photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this little cutie pie, and I LOVE the images I took of her. Her personality really stands out, and the light was so fantastic, I really didn’t do much of anything to the images. As much as I loved my old camera, I am totally in love with the 5D I purchased last fall. The way it captures light is outstanding, and I really love the sharpness of the images. Hands down, best thing I ever purchased (except for my first 20d camera! :P).

I get a lot of questions about photoshop, and how do I edit my images. I have been working in photoshop for about 15 years (remember when you could only go back 5 steps in your history??), and love all of the ways to manipulate the images I take. Before each session, I always have a planning consultation with each client. Between our conversations, and actual shooting time, I get a good feeling as to what each client is looking for, and what style would fit their family best. Some clients are modern, and love different textures, saturation and contrast, and others are more traditional, preferring soft colors, and a classic feel.

Regardless of what I do in photoshop, getting the right exposure is key to creating a beautiful image. Below are Mrs. Cutie Pies images, straight out of camera (SOOC) and with slight editing. Because the light was so¬†fantastic, I really didn’t do much to these. The softness really speaks for itself, I think.

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