Photography Displays in your Home {Westchase Photographer}

“Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. ”  –  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Home. I love being at home. It is where the life of my family lives and breaths and grows. I am surrounded by thoughts, past events and memories when I am home, and it feels good. In particular, I love taking a few seconds in my day to look around and admire my family through the images that grace my walls. We have moved a few times in the past year, and we have now been in our current home for almost a year! It feels like we just moved in yesterday, and I really need to get more up on my walls. Wall displays are some of the hardest things to visualize and put together. Photographs on your walls tell your story, and should be a prominent display in your home.


I often see people want to purchase the wrong size prints for their wall space. Choosing the right scale is the first step in creating a wall display. Wether you want to display one large image, or a wall collection of multiple frames, you first want to measure your space. My personal favorite is to display multiple images in one area that can tell a story. From there you want to draw out your arrangement, making sure that is fits correctly in the space. I often go to my clients homes to help them create the perfect gallery wall, helping to choose the right size, images and frames. Here is an example of what hangs in my foyer, and another place to find great inspiration is to login to Pinterest. I have fallen in love with cream and ivory tones, so I took a few old frames that were either black or silver, and bought a can of spray paint for around $3. Framing can be expensive, and spray paint is a great and inexpensive way to update the current frames you may have lying around.

Above is another example of a larger wall display. This can also be scaled down to include 5×7’s, or 8×10’s and 11×14’s, depending on your space. I have a whole book of ideas on wall galleries, and would love to help you create a custom wall collection!

Canvas Prints

There are so many options to display your images and artwork. Canvas Prints are a beautiful way to showcase your family, and come in a variety of sizes and depths. There are two options with canvas. The first is to have your images printed directly on a canvas that you would then frame. The other option to to print your images on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas. The canvas is stretched around a wooded frame, and the image wraps around the sides. This option would not be framed, and would be hung directly on the wall. You can also choose the thickness of the wrap, ranging from 1- 2.5″. I love canvas prints, and often do creative extra’s like add quotes around the sides of the frame, or you can add birth details to your newborn’s canvas.


There are endless options with framing your prints. While custom framing can be beautiful, it can also be pricey. I often buy plain white frames at ikea, and either leave them as is, paint them or add an embellishment like s dried starfish, etc. Michaels is great for their pre-made frames. They have some great options and usually have a sale. If you are a tad handy, head over to She has tutorials on how to build everything, including picture frames. can teach you how to paint them in  a distressed fashion, and for less than $50, you could have your own frames that would rival anything from pottery barn, restoration hardware, etc.

Can you mix color and black and white in the same gallery?

YES! I often will mix color and black and white, there just needs to be a good balance. You can have your largest image in color, and the rest black and white, or do half and half. Be creative, and embellish your home with love and what makes you happy!

If you have questions on wall displays, or need some inspiration, please contact me. I love putting images together to tell a story, and what better artwork to hang than your images of your family!

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